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What do men benefit from a long distance relationship?

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My ex boyfriend- ( were in a long distance relationship) wants to work things out. In time I may have the opporunity to move to london where he resides..after my last semester of grad school.

This weekend he informed me that he misses me and wants to work things out. We have been broken up for about 2 months. I informed him that I started dating someone. This guy is very nice but to be honest Im not 100 percent over my ex…but right now I dont know where my ex is coming from, He was upset that I was dating someone else… but the reason we broke up because the fact he didnt know if he wanted to spend the holidays with him. Which hurt me greatly.

Now the holidays are over…he wants to do long distance again..it doesnt make since.

I ponder myself if there was someone else…but he and his sister ensure me there wasnt.

What to do?

To Men what can you really benefit from a long distance relationship??

Answer by Kathleen in Germany
Boys can have many long distance relationship and a girlfriend at home

Answer by Michael
You can sleep with other women while your girlfriend is far away and not on your back.. Unable to truly look into your actions.. Thats the biggest long distance benefit.

any one got any good diet tips for looseing weight quickly?

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when i say diet tips a mean what foods r realli gd to stick to and stuff am not looking to loose rapids really quickly ruffly 5lb a week till a loose a stone .. thnx for all answers n advice

Answer by Anthony H
Best thing to do is cut 500 calories from a day. This means that each week you’ll lose a pound. Anything more is unhealthy.

Answer by Violet Pearl
cut out all sugars, high fructose corn syrup, sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, and any flavoring ending with the letters “ose”
dextrose, fructose, sucralose, sucrose, maltose, etc.

Also cut out white foods: white flour, white bread, white rice, white (skinless) potatoes, etc.

Answer by Kristin Z
cut off all sweeteners and some of your calories
try and eat healthier food like fruits and vegetables with a combination of exercise. Together they will help you to loose weight.

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Anybody wants to hire a photography studio in London?

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We have a lovely Photography studiofor hire in London E1. www.studiohirelondon.co.uk
Looking forward to hear from you.

Answer by Haloinc
Try using craigslist.

Answer by Bruce M
Looked at the link.. looks a bit small but will be nice knowing about it if I ever need space there.. good luck

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5 Parenting Tips to Get Your Baby to Fall to Sleep Faster

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Are you trying to get your baby to take a nap? It’s not always easy to get your baby to sleep when you want him or her to. Here are 5 parenting tips to help your baby fall asleep a little quicker and maybe easier too!


First and most important is to make her crib comfortable. Make sure the crib has clean sheets and arranged neatly. Check the air temperature of the room and make sure the crib is in a comfortable spot in the room.


The second tip is to make sure your baby is comfortable. Did she eat enough? Is she bathed and clean? Has her diaper been changed? These are all steps to take to make sure your baby is comfortable!


Make sure your baby’s room is free of any sunlight or at least out of the direct light. If you have blinds or curtains, shut them. It is not necessary for his room to be in complete darkness, as long as there is a little light shining through.


Baby’s love white noise, the sound of your hair dryer or even the dish washer may be comforting to him. Remember your baby spent nine months inside you and he or she used to fall asleep to your heartbeat everynight!


Look for signs of tiredness. Usually when your baby is rubbing his or her eyes this can be a sign that they are ready for bed.


Julie ann Tomaro is a work at home mom. She owns a fun new site for Babies and Moms, www.MyCutiePieBaby.com featuring lots of baby & parenting information, baby photo contest and baby boards!

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How to make friends when you’ve just moved to a new area?

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I need some tips and ideas on how to make friends. I’m 18, currently looking for a job, and not in any kind of school or uni. What are some ways to make friends, or meet people. Im a little shy and dont feel comfortable going out to a bar / club on my own. Does anyone have experience with church groups? Im not religious but have heard this is a good way to meet people? Any advice is appreciated!

Answer by Night Stalker
Go to the most popular bar, give everyone a free round of whatever they drink and see how you get plenty friends!

Answer by Intan
I too have problem with making new friends. Every time I moved to a new area, people would say hello to me first and we would stick together. It was as simple as that, they pulled me in lol. I would check out your question post, because I’m really curious too ^^;;

Answer by Derp
go for walks (possibly with a dog, if you have 1), walk in parks,… go for a coffe, … there will be opportunities to talk to people everywhere. don’t be affraid and just start talking to a random stranger (since you’re new try the icebreaker: hi im new here, would you mind if i ask you a couple of things about this town?…). also maybe sign-up at the gym or something similar… a lot of friendly people everywhere.

about the church groups… i wouldn’t do that, since you are not religious and will probably not share the same interrests as most of the people there, also listening to people talk about a fictional charracter (yeah, im atheist, don’t hate on me) 24/7 can be…well… irritating? :)

good luck :)

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Any Fine Art – Artists Who Represent Freedom In There Work?

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Im doing gcse art, and ive chose freedom as my are subject, i just cant find any artists who represent freedom in there work.
i have to do this on fine art, which i think is paint,pencil, photography ect. ?

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If you are not too bothered about Valentines Day, do you still find yourself thinking about it and the……?

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….person you like/love, just because its Valentines Day and there are reminders of it everywhere?

Answer by Happy Valentine Cake
Honestly, I got myself a box of Sees, and red roses, and started enjoying them.

Why wait for a man to get them? I’ll be a 100 before that happens.

Singles,l if you wait and look and look it could be years. Go out do good for the homeless, volunteer, and be kind to everyone you meet. Don’t look at poor me. It’s RICH me.

Answer by Mel
yes. Valentines isn’t that big a deal to me but I’ve been thinking about it all day.

Answer by 999pheebs
yeah usually i am not a fan of the day but my bf really likes it so i said we would celebrate it, on monday that is because i was bbusy today but yeah i do :)

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wish to restore old style bt yahoo home page?

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old style bt yahoo home page is better layout and shows more content IE, Browser Safety,etc!

Answer by magnumgirl
Yahoo has retired the old style homepage, we can’t get it back. You can click Page Options, then click Switch to Compact View, that will stop the fly overs and pop ups. It makes it more like the original. You can also choose a color there.

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im looking for and arts and crafts ‘how to’ site?

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a site that gives ideas for, t shirt reconstruction , sewing projects , scrap book ideas , canvas ideas , how to: sew, knit , paint etc. also if there was any particularly good blogs containing things like iv mentioned above.

Answer by Grace

Answer by Rihannah
What about a drawing websight? Called dragoart.co.uk

Answer by Abc123
Go to www.instructables.com , hover your mouse over “explore” (at the top of the page), then click on living. On the side of the page once you click on that there will be lots of sections like duct tape, crafts, sewing, yarn, etc.

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Top 7 Back to School Tips for Parents

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Kids aren’t the only ones who struggle with the back to school transition; adjusting to a child’s back to school routine and related events can be stressful and taxing for parents as well. Below are some tips to help parents succeed with back to school hassles.

1. Do your homework.

Find out what your child will be studying in school this year. Participate in any open houses or parent/teacher conferences that your child’s school may offer. Visit the school’s website (if they have one) and keep an eye out for calendars and upcoming events for you and your child. Being aware of what is on the horizon can help you plan and organize your schedule accordingly–without any last minute hassles.

2. Talk to your kids.

Communication is key. Ask your child about his/her day after school. Find out what his/her favorite classes are and what food they like or dislike in the cafeteria and what classmates they get along with best. If you are apprehensive about sending your kid away to school all day, talking with them and understanding their routine may help you feel at ease.

3. Safety first.

Develop a safety plan for different situations and scenarios and make sure that your kids know and understand your safety rules. Go over them as often as you feel is necessary to ensure that they are retaining this knowledge. Knowing that your children understand and respect the need for safety rules can help keep your worry in check.

4. Set up a homework routine.

It can be frustrating to always be asking if your child’s homework is done and subsequently nagging them until it is completed. Setting up a time and place for homework will help your child get into the habit of completing their homework everyday without prompting. Instituting a rule such as no TV or video games until all homework is finished can also help motivate children.

5. Encourage extracurriculars.

It is important that kids learn from an early age how to effectively balance school work with extracurricular activities. Talk openly with your child to see if you can gain a sense of what sort of activities they may enjoy most and discuss the ideas with them. Extracurricular activities can help children stay in shape and develop valuable team working skills.

6. Worried? Don’t let them know.

Expressing your anxieties around your children will only encourage them to worry as well. Model confidence and keep your cool and your child will likely follow suit.

7. Know what is normal and what is not.

If you or your child are experiencing serious anxiety, physical illness, or mental health issues, contact your family physician or other qualified health expert. Some anxiety is normal for both parents and students with the start of a new school year, but it is important to seek help when necessary.

Laura Watkins is a contributing business writer for Goliath. Goliath is one of the Internet’s largest collections of business research, news and information. Learn more about Goliath.

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