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What do men benefit from a long distance relationship?

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My ex boyfriend- ( were in a long distance relationship) wants to work things out. In time I may have the opporunity to move to london where he resides..after my last semester of grad school.

This weekend he informed me that he misses me and wants to work things out. We have been broken up for about 2 months. I informed him that I started dating someone. This guy is very nice but to be honest Im not 100 percent over my ex…but right now I dont know where my ex is coming from, He was upset that I was dating someone else… but the reason we broke up because the fact he didnt know if he wanted to spend the holidays with him. Which hurt me greatly.

Now the holidays are over…he wants to do long distance again..it doesnt make since.

I ponder myself if there was someone else…but he and his sister ensure me there wasnt.

What to do?

To Men what can you really benefit from a long distance relationship??

Answer by Kathleen in Germany
Boys can have many long distance relationship and a girlfriend at home

Answer by Michael
You can sleep with other women while your girlfriend is far away and not on your back.. Unable to truly look into your actions.. Thats the biggest long distance benefit.

How to start up a small Craft Business in the UK ?

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I am an artist interested in selling my paintings. I specialise in art for Children’s bedrooms.
How do I go about setting up a business. I am not business minded at all. So far all I have ever done is post my work on art gallery websites. Where they receive a percentage.
But I would like to go into business myself. It would be working from home as I have a young daughter.
Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer by Mira T
Hi there,

I have recently set up my own business working from home too. It can be quite stressful, but it’s enjoyable too, to be able to be in your own environment.

As you have already had success selling your work, you may decide not to commission market research. You could just do some research of your own about competitors and so on. Then, you need to register as a sole trader with the inland revenue (you can do this online, just Google it). Find a good but reasonably web designer to set you up and advise you on domain names, etc, and start promoting your work.

See my blog smallbizpr.wordpress.com for cheap free and easy ways for small businesses to promote themselves. Email me if you want any help with this.

Answer by jongros
What worries me is your comment that you are not business minded. The reason that many artists, who like you are also not business- minded, sell their works via galleries is that the opportunity to get your work out to b seen by those who might wish to buy your style of art is limited. As a small business accountant who has advised small businesses for many years, my advice is to try “alternative thinking” meaning to try and get your work/name known in ways that are not the normal way to sell paintings. For example see if you can tie up with a high class property renovator. Maybe contact one of the many property programmes on Tv and see what opportunities exist for your type of work to be shown as a programme. All they can say is no. Try and think of a unique selling point that would make people want to buy your art especially in these difficult times. Maybe women’s’ magazines might be interested to do an article about women in….. Anyway, good luck! P.S. Try and become a bit more business savy otherwise you might get ripped off and that would be a shame!!

Answer by Rosemary P
Contact your local Business Link before you go any further. They give lots of free help and advice on starting in business, including a free seminar on the subject. They’ll help you get to grips with all the things you need to become more business minded.

The art world is a very crowded one – we’ve been in it for over 11 years – but you’ve made a good start by setting out your specialism. Artists who try to sell to anyone who wants to buy pictures will always struggle. Those who define their target market and focus on finding ways to reach that market have a better chance of success.

Put up your own website with keywords that relate to your target market and you’ll attract more attention than being on generalist art gallery websites.

Good luck!

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How old should your toddler be before you move him into a bed?

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I’m thinking about moving my 18 month old from his cot into a bed?

Is this about the right age to do that?
We’ve got another baby on the way so I need to move him and it seems like – although perhaps a tad early – it might make sense to just buy him a small bed.

Anyone have any tips for what you can do to make the transition easier and safer for him?


Answer by Betsy
Just yesterday we removed one of the side bars from our 14 month olds convertible crib. We stuck it snugly between the wall and my side of the bed. He still feels liek he is with us adn at teh same time is in the toddler bed.

Answer by Dale-Jaime M
theres no specific age, it all depends on how quickly your child develops, if you think you child is ready then try it!

Answer by wna
it depends on your child if you think hes ready then he may be ready if you want to put him in a bed get him a todler bed and put it to the wall so he wont fall off when hes sleeping (if he moves around in his sleep) and leave the crib for the new baby

good luck

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Has anyone successfully treated bipolar disorder with alternative medicine, or know of anyone who has?

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I am sick of the sugar cravings and weight gain, and would like to try alternative medicine or herbal remedies if possible. I am currently taking an anti-depressant and a mood stabilizer (Seroquel), and it seems to help, but the effectiveness is short lived, and then I have to increase the dosage again.

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Baby showers in the UK?

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Do many people have baby showers in the UK? I know they are popular in the US but wondering about over here? My friend is about to give birth and it suddenly occured to me that it might have been a nice idea to give her a baby shower. I am also pregnant and not expecting one, just curious what most people do in the UK. Thanks

Answer by MARY G
no not really some people just want till you have had your baby and gave you things

Answer by Lucinda L
It’s not common and no-one would expect one but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw her one if you want to! It will also mean you’ll probably get one, lol.

Answer by michala182
its not really the kind of thing that people do in the UK
what we tend to do is buy the persons baby a gift once they are born
but it is a nice idea :)

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What automated test tools and how to get some hands-on practical experience?

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Hi There,

I am looking to make a career in Software Testing and I do have some experience but only as a manual tester. I would like to get some experience with automated test tools but I haven’t got a clue where to start as the company I work for do not use any. I was thinking that maybe I could download some tools and teach myself but I am not sure if this is possible.

Can someone please advice? What automated test tools are popular with companies and how can I get some hands-on practical experience?

Hoping someone can help.



Answer by Mark aka jack573
The only ones I have used is for C++ and are called xTestLIb.

A pdf for them is:


Other documents are available here:


As to other tools, you may need to make your own. I would recommend if you are going to make something, to use the xTestLIb as an example and build your own like it.

Of course, you still need to make test code for the automatic tests to work, but at least it is a start.

Hope that helps.

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Top tips for a girl to survive an All-Girls School???? PLEASE HELP!!!?

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Really, please help!!!
I’m going to an All-Girls Grammar school in September and quite nervous!!!
Any tips??
Uh, don’t worry.
I’m straight.

Answer by Sophie C
From the ages of 3 to 10 I went to a girls’ school, and it can get really bitchy. I moved for the last year of primary to a co-ed school and it is so much better!

Answer by Hmmmm…..I forgot.
GRAMMAR school?
My theory is that one-gender schools shouldn’t exist. It messes up some aspects of your life.

Just live………

Answer by Close The Gotdamn Door!
wow. well some of my friends go to an all girl school…so did my sister. But i never asked them how they survived! lol But just act like you would if you were going to a co-ed school. Girls can be catty but you don’t have to be catty right back. you can always stand your ground while still being nice. And don”t get into the trend of becoming bisexual or lesbian just because you are in that type of enviornment! It’s ok to be straight…really! (just saying that b/c it’s now a trend to turn bi)

good luck, and try not to feel deprived just because guys aren’t there.Who needs those pigs anyway? :p

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If God created the Universe, who created God?

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(Genuine question)
I don’t know if there is any text on this in any holy books, but if you can’t make something out of nothing, how is it that God would exist?
I’m guessing most people will say this is beyond human comprehension, but I really don’t like that answer, it doesn’t take us forward.
This might blow a few minds, so prepare yourselves!!
To the person who said “God is infinite”, if that is true, that would mean that God sat around doing nothing for an infinite amount of years before creating the Universe, that is a very long time. So long in fact that we wouldn’t even exist right now.
The Big Bang was not the beginning of time, it was the beginning of the Universe as we know it
Source: String Theory
@UMAR Umar the idea of God being infinite would mean that there is an infinite amount of time before God created the universe, as in a never ending amount of time. So for as long as the history of time and space goes, time would never reach the point where God created the Universe. Hope that explains it for you.
I don’t really like bad metaphors Umar, that is a really poor way to explain the existence of God

Answer by Keith
The human mind

Answer by ANDRE L
-If the Universe needs a creator, why doesn’t god?
If god doesn’t need a creator, why does the Universe ?-

Answer by † 2 Peter 3:9 †
Some people ask: ‘If everything needs someone to make it, then who made God?’

The answer is that everything that has a beginning needs someone to make it.

But God did not have a beginning. He has existed forever.

So He did not need anyone to make Him!

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Where do you find security guard jobs?

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Cant find much online. Do I have to ring up or register with a security agency?
From the UK
I have applied for my SIA badge

Answer by It’s him again
what country are you in….i use Freeads for job hunting, you can advertise things for free at this site, i sold 4 kittens…got over 80 buyers

Answer by John Peter
You can get jobs at naukri.com, timesjobs.com, monster.com

Answer by sewrobb
Before you can do that you must be Licenced by the SIA [Security Industry Authority]


it’s a legal requirement for anyone working in the security industry to have a valid SIA Licence. You and your employer may be liable to prosecution, a fine and you may be disqualified from ever working in the industry again.


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What christmas present to get for a boy?

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I know its really early but i need to start saving money for my friends christmas presents. I have 3 friends that are boys that i need to get presents for but i dont know what to get them. They’re 13 and 14 btw.

Any ideas?

Answer by Jezza
Depends on your budget

Answer by Katiez World
If they own any game consoles like playstation, wii or ds then buy them games! Or an affordable mobile phone.

Answer by em i l y ;
Games or gift cards

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