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What do men benefit from a long distance relationship?

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My ex boyfriend- ( were in a long distance relationship) wants to work things out. In time I may have the opporunity to move to london where he resides..after my last semester of grad school.

This weekend he informed me that he misses me and wants to work things out. We have been broken up for about 2 months. I informed him that I started dating someone. This guy is very nice but to be honest Im not 100 percent over my ex…but right now I dont know where my ex is coming from, He was upset that I was dating someone else… but the reason we broke up because the fact he didnt know if he wanted to spend the holidays with him. Which hurt me greatly.

Now the holidays are over…he wants to do long distance again..it doesnt make since.

I ponder myself if there was someone else…but he and his sister ensure me there wasnt.

What to do?

To Men what can you really benefit from a long distance relationship??

Answer by Kathleen in Germany
Boys can have many long distance relationship and a girlfriend at home

Answer by Michael
You can sleep with other women while your girlfriend is far away and not on your back.. Unable to truly look into your actions.. Thats the biggest long distance benefit.

Do long distance relationships really work?

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I live in Sheffield he lives in Liverpool. We really like each other and have been talking about going out. The problem is im not sure. Is it really possible for it to work out and how?

Answer by <3
Well, it depends how well you put forth the effort. I was in a long distance relationship for almost 2 months. It was going good, but then I just got tired of not getting to see him when I wanted, so we broke up(for that and some other reasons). It’s all based on personal opinion. If you don’t have patience, I don’t recommend a long distance relationship. Good luck :)

Answer by CareBear
Sure it can work.
Aslong as you to both put the time and effort in it can work.
Give it a go, nothingto loose

Answer by — ßëå§T BØi –
! … So whats a big Deal if you know each other better lead to good relationship let your parents know .. then if they agree its not a big deal ;)

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explain why should i believe in superstitions?

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Answer by Beth
you dont have to if you dont want to

Answer by Wake Up
as far as im concerned superstitons are a myth

Answer by Jorrocks
Because otherwise the bogeyman will get you.

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What Horse Books For Illnesses And First Aid Have You Found To Be The Best?

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We are having a Christmas party at the stables in 2 weeks. I want to gift a book that has a good overview of horse ailments and first aid. Which ones have you found to be the most useful? Our local bookstore has a limited amount so I will need to order on the Internet and, of course, will not be able to look at it first.
Thanks for the input.

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What Crafts Can You Use With Beach Glass?

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My boyfriend’s mother collects beach glass whenever we go to the beach. She has a lot of it and its just collecting in a jar. What kinds of crafts can she use with it?

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For how long would it be okay to swim without taking a break ?

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I want to swim for 2 hours a day,

How many breaks should I take in between and would drinking some water be enough or would I need fruit juice or milk so that my Blood sugar levels stay stable ?

Also, any warm-up tips ?

Answer by Jake O
until ur body cant take it anymore

Answer by Lucky Man 2
In a pool you can swim for 2 hours without needing to leave the water.

Answer by singlegal
I swim 2 hours every morning.. out doors…..non-stop… no break… no water… nada… just laps. Of couse it isn’t hot as I swim from 5:30 – 7:30 a.m. Later in the day you would definitely have come out of the pool to rehydrate yourself if you’re swimming outside.

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Getting To 50/50 – Successful Work/family Relationships

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Any tips for cleaning my dogs feet when he comes in apart from bathing him?

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He hates me washing his feet but he makes a mess if I dont. I hate to see him unhappy about it, he has regular baths anyway.

Answer by louloumia
use baby wipes

Answer by t3ddy
Train him to wipe his feet when he comes in the door?

Answer by roger69
get him dog shoes

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Tips On Starting A New Secondary School?

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I’m half way through a year in secondary school, and I’m starting a new one.
I there’s more homework and more pressure.
I get really shy around new people, how do I make friends?
I’m really nervous.
Also, how do I tell my friends from my school now? D:
I need help, quickly.
Thank you

Answer by Grasser101
Be confident, Be friendly!!

Break it to your friends gently.. at break maybe..?

Answer by Marrrrry Jane
Tell your best friend or closest friend that you’re switching schools and you and your closest friends should all get togethor before you start the new school.
That way everyone knows without you having to tell each, individual person.

When you’re at your new school, remember to smile.
Trust me, when you look friendly and approachable people will take interest in you.
Just be nice, and let your personality shine through.

Answer by Kiran97
This happened to me and i settled in well.
- you should only tell your best friends first and slowly break it through to everyone else
- Be confident – people won’t want to talk to you if you don’t talk yourself!
- ask questions to get to know people
- make conversation with people who you think are friendly and you will get along with them
and finally: Don’t be shy!

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Whats the best way for kids to decorate hard boiled eggs for easter school project?

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Tips, ideas for school comp ~ the best decorated egg.
Thanks folks.

Answer by C.L.H.S.
When I was 9 I did this at school and I won. I painted my egg as though it were an owl. Then I got a stick from the park and made it a ‘tree’ for my owl to perch upon.

Answer by Daniel D
Which is best = nail polish, or acrylics

Answer by qtprincesscole
try stickers, or egg dying kits or something like that. they have egg coloring crayons that you can buy instead of dye

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