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What do men benefit from a long distance relationship?

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My ex boyfriend- ( were in a long distance relationship) wants to work things out. In time I may have the opporunity to move to london where he resides..after my last semester of grad school.

This weekend he informed me that he misses me and wants to work things out. We have been broken up for about 2 months. I informed him that I started dating someone. This guy is very nice but to be honest Im not 100 percent over my ex…but right now I dont know where my ex is coming from, He was upset that I was dating someone else… but the reason we broke up because the fact he didnt know if he wanted to spend the holidays with him. Which hurt me greatly.

Now the holidays are over…he wants to do long distance again..it doesnt make since.

I ponder myself if there was someone else…but he and his sister ensure me there wasnt.

What to do?

To Men what can you really benefit from a long distance relationship??

Answer by Kathleen in Germany
Boys can have many long distance relationship and a girlfriend at home

Answer by Michael
You can sleep with other women while your girlfriend is far away and not on your back.. Unable to truly look into your actions.. Thats the biggest long distance benefit.

How many calories are there in a James Chocolates Easter Sundae Egg?

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I’m trying my best to eat healthily but for Easter mum bought me a really smashing looking Easter Egg which is pink, drizzled with white chocolate with marshmallows and real strawberry pieces on top.. it’s called an Easter Sundae Egg by James Chocolates. It doesn’t have the amount of calories anywhere on it, though :( So I was wondering if any of you guys knew how many there are.

Answer by wendy_da_goodlil_witch
I even went to their website and no nutritional information was there at all. I’d think it has a lot of calories, so just eat a bit at a time. it’ll last longer that way, too.

Answer by Lorna D
For goodness sake,forget the calories for once and enjoy it,unless there is a medical reason why you have to count calories.

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ANy tips on getting rid of a your belly/muffin top asap? I have 2 months until my sisters wedding overseas?

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Answer by Kayla K
I would try Wii fit. I used it, and I lost 5lbs in a week. As long as you stick with it, you should benefit greatly. You can set your goal, and the program will help you get there. Good luck.

Answer by Ruby H
its not a healthy way but go on a rice and water only diet and do 50 crunches and 50 leg lifts or more if possible be care ful though its not healthy to do but u lose weight really fast

Answer by fitnessdad
You can see the exercise program Emily and Robyn used to get rid of their muffin top by clicking their name on this page – http://weight-loss-diet-fitness-tips.com/muffin-top-exercises-fat.html

1. Diet is the most important thing you have to watch the amount of calories you are in taking – You might also want to check out the P90X diet plan on the above site for some suggestions
2. Drink plenty of water
3. a overall body exercise program with weights
4. Diet pill as and aid in weight loss as this can help speed up your metabolism plus flush fat out of your system
5. Diet again as this is the most important step

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Is it really necessary to have a SLR camera for A Level photography?

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I have a Fujifilm Finepix s1000fd camera (http://www.fuji.co.uk/consumer/digital/digital-cameras/d-slr-long-zoom/finepix-s1000fd-119757). I really badly want to do A Level photography, but I can’t afford to buy a (D)SLR.

Would this camera do me through the course?

Thanks ?
There is a manual mode, and I have used it, and I half get it.

Answer by veito da costa
Probably not, unless you can use your camera in manual mode.

For a more precise answer, ask the teacher/tutor/college for the 100% correct answer.

Answer by joedlh
This camera, introduced in 2006, is a “bridge” camera that falls between point-and-shoot/compact and dSLR. It got a highly recommended evaluation from dpreview.com. Here’s the link


You will get excellent images from this camera. However, you need to ask the course instructor what the requirement for the course is. Some schools require a film camera. Almost all of them require an SLR. I didn’t read the Fuji review completely, but it looks like it might not have interchangeable lenses. (Don’t take my word for it.) This might be a requirement for some courses, as they may want to teach you about the characteristics and appropriate applications for different kinds of lenses. It also does not appear to have a hot shoe mount for using an external flash. This is a limitation.

The course instructor is your best source of information.

Answer by Caoedhen
Fixed lens, no hot shoe, but does have manual control. It would get you through the basics, but end up lacking too much to get through the course.

There are many perfectly good used cameras on the market. Reputable sellers, like www.keh.com, have DSLR cameras for under $ 400 ready to go. Film SLR cameras can be had for much less, well under $ 100 for a perfectly good manual body. Pawn shops can be a source, but you have to know what exactly it is that you are buying to know if it is a good deal or not. Many camera stores have a used section as well, with knowledgeable staff that can guide you in your purchase.

Used is enough to learn with. If you decide that photography is something you wish to pursue further, you will have a much better idea of what you want in a camera, and how to use it when you do get a new one.

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Tips for short story about boarding school adventure?

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I have to write a short story about a boarding school … there has to be some plot..

could i please get a few tips maybe describing the school or any nice phrases or descriptions to use… or maybe even a plot?

Answer by jillybird
My boarding school was an old red brick building with hundreds of windows. Each floor had dormitories containing a mixed age group. The top floor was where the Games rooms and lounges were.
The plot? Every week one floor was allocated a midnight feast the catch was not to get caught. We drew lots to see what floor it was and then everyone pitched in with ‘tuck’.
All you need to do is pad this out and write the story.

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I need to get fit as soon as possible for a fitness test…..any tips?

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It is difficult for me to get to a gym because I work full time and have a young child. Do home fitness vieos really work and how often will I have to do it?

Answer by evilc
If it’s for the Police plenty of running

If for the army plenty of shaging

Answer by system_sweetheart
If you exercise for 30-40mins per day minimum that’s be fine and fitness vids are good way of doing it, i do kick boxing, yoga, pilates (good way of losin weight and firmin up) and runnin up n down stairs x

Answer by CHUCK
Run Forrest Run!! That’s the #1 way to get in shape fast!

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Door Catches (Children safety)?

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I bought the top item for my house… the thing is i havent a clue how to put them on! It just doesnt make sense to me! where do they go and how does it work.. the picture doesnt help at all!! there is no diagram and the instructions are pathetic!
the catcher (small round thing) is spose to go on the door, the post (long thing) is spose to go on the skirting board??? i don’t get it one bit!

i live in england by the way. the doors have door frames and stuff…
Can someone please help me and explain what goes where… much appreciated!!

Thnak you.
are you guys telling me that its for the door to be open all the way?? i thort it was so that if someone is closing the door hard and dont see the fingers, it catches on so that its open only a couple of inches??

Answer by I’m A Tiger
Put the clip bit on the outer bottom corner of the door, on the side that opens towards you. Then, put the other catch bit on the skirting board so it catches it and stays open. The same sort of place the springy thing is to stop the door banging the wall when opened.

Does that makes sense? I know where it goes, its just trying to explain it thatis hard!!

It says on the website: “Keep doors in an open position”

You are looking for something like this: http://www.safetots.co.uk/cgi-bin/cp-app.cgi?usr=51F7240421&rnd=8332783&rrc=N&affl=&cip=&act=&aff=&pg=prod&ref=stopslam&cat=Door+Safety&catstr=HOME:Door+Safety

Answer by rusco21
When you open the door the long bit goes on the skirting behind the door and the round bit fixes to the door

Answer by spensmum
Close your door up and mark where you want the product to go, place the one that goes on the skirting board and mark the screw holes with a pencil. Drill the holes and screw the base into position. Line up the small round thing that goes on the door and mark the screw holes with a pencil. If you have egg box doors (hollow ones) make sure that it is positioned on the edge where the door is at its thickest. Drill and screw in position. Then when you close the door the small round thing locks into the base on the skirting board. Thats how it looks to me anyhow dont know how to open it though lol

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I need to write a prayer for my school about the theme Family. Can I have some tips/suggestions. thanks.?

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Answer by Leanne D

Answer by John M
try the serenity prayer

god grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change

courage to change the things i can and the wisdom to knowthe difference.if you think about it it says a lot and it works
merrt xmass

john m

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How can I make myself get out of bed?

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I’m nearly 17 years old and I go to college for 4 days a week and i go to work all weekend, starting at 8am everday, and recently I’ve been getting worse at waking up. For example, this morning my alarm went off at 7am and i turned it off. Aparently my parents shouted me a couple of times and i replied but I do not remeber and I woke up at ten past eight and I’mmeant to leave the house at 8. It’s getting worse, any tips on how to make me get out of bed?

Answer by Rachel
When the alarm goes just get straight out of bed and get ready. Don’t lay there and dwell, because it just goes on and on…(experience) lol.

Answer by IM BACK!
just get up and stumble to the shower, take a cold shower for the first minute, it will wake u the fukc up!!

Answer by jazzykazzy1
Alarm clock over the other side of the room, guaranteed get you up. xx

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What is the relationship between y^3 and y^2 aside from y^2 is the square of the cuberoot of y^3?

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If there is a relationship what is the formula?
If there is a relationship what is the formula?

@Jeff I did not said that y^2 is the cuberoot of y^3. What I said is y^2 is the square of the cuberoot of y^3

Answer by Jeff Aaron
y is the cube root of y^3
y^2 is not the cube root of y^3

y^3 is y^2 times y

Answer by SS4
The relationship is what you said in the question!

Mathematically: y^3 = (y^2)^(3/2) = [sqrt(y^2)]^3

y can be any real number because we’re squaring it then taking the square root

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