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Cleaning Venetian blinds?

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Any tips for cleaning Venetian blinds, while they are still up / hanging.

Answer by lindybug
all i do is use a feather duster on them shut the blinds one way clean them shut them the other way and clean them and also spray polish on a cloth and wipe over i do this once a week

Answer by nik_kershaw
If you go to a company that makes them they should point you in the right direction, There is a small feather duster shaped like a musical tuning fork with ‘feathery bits on it’s prongs’ that you can buy which will clean each slat

Answer by the wise old lady
paper Towels,and a spray bottle,with warm water, a bit of soap i hope i helped

are you looking foward to valentines day? and are you expecting to get a card?

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my answer for this is no on both

cos ive never had a card and to be honest i dont really care its only a piece of card thatll be considered rubbish in about 3 days anyway but the love from that person shall last forever but as ive never had a girlfriend i dont really believe in valentines day or true love as i think i wont ever find my own

do you agree with me? and what are your stories about it?
i agree with you assain cos there are more important things in life than this ie real romance and careers, family and living life to the full
ive always thought id get one cos i wanna know how it feels to be loved by someone other than ur family (i dont have one now btw) and when i dont get one i feel depressed like no one loves me and that ill be alone forever
but dont forget the ppl that dont have anyone to spend it with feel lonely n unloved n tbh thats me cos i feel that all the time n worse on VD cos i see happy ppl together n wonder why no one likes me like that ppl say i should go out if i didnt have aspergers and the responability of looking after my mum whos ill then i would but i want a girl wholl see past my disability n into my heart

Answer by Assassin981
No and no is my answer to your questions simply because there’s more important things in life than a few flowers, cards, chocolates. However others will disagree with my answer.

Answer by jellybeansrnice
no and no aswell.

Answer by ?M?s??????s?
no and no too

because I’m pretty sure both my girl friends will receive something, but not me. So I’ll just be standing there awkwardly. And I know every couple will be kissing all the freakin day…maybe even on my locker

so I just gotta stay positive, tell myself it’s just a normal day and move on

I’ll probably post what happened at the end of the day :P

lesbians/bi women…..do casual relationships ever work?

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Was recently wondering about casual relationships. Have you ever been in one? If so, what happened? What are the pros and cons?

Answer by cuteynfatal
Nope. Casual relationships tend to fail for two reasons:
- The parties really have nothing in common – which is why the relationship is casual in the first place.
- One party develops deeper feelings and the other doesn’t.

Answer by star
before i answer i think i should inform you that i am only 19 and have heard from my sister and now the person above that there is no such thing as a casual relationship.
However, based on my personal experience casual relationships do work. i mean i’ve only been in this relationship for a couple months now and i have tons of fun.
My friend and i always go to parties together, we even look for a third. shes my best friend first above everything. we are both bi, and we have no jealousy issues because it was agreed from the beginning we are each others number ones. its happened where one of us has gone into a real relationship and so we respect that and stop. but as of right now we are both free birds
It a big win-win as far as i’m concerned, we are never lonely, can meet other people and have fun with them and even if we don’t at the end of the night we have each other.
but i do believe our relationship is a bit strange and hard to come by. our personalities mix almost perfectly. i trust and respect her and vice-versa. theres enough sexual attraction as well as mental attraction to do everything but we both agree a real relationship would be weird for us.
so i guess it depends on who you have this casual relationship with.

Answer by Prodigal Son
No, nine times out of ten they’ll fail.

Why should the practise of changing the clocks back or forward an hour continue?

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Personally, especially as many schools finish at 3.30 now, I would like to see an end to changing the clocks but would like the views of those who disagree

Answer by mini metro
I think the idea behind it is to make for brighter mornings in wintertime and to maximise the daylight, and I think that makes sense. Changing the clocks is a nuisance though.

Personally though on a different issue I’d like us to get rid of GMT and switch to CET so that most of Europe used the same time zone.

Answer by Phil
it gives me the chance to have a lay-in once a year

Answer by dodgem
it should stop, it was all to do with Scottish farmers, well they wont their Independence, let them have their own time zone, AND STOP MESSING US ABOUT,

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What do i put on my valentines dog tag?

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okay so i know guys dont like chocolates and roses for valentines day so was going to get my valentine a dog tag. Were not going out, and he wont know its from me, (secret admirer) but i dont know what to put on the dog tag, its a pendent, there is 2 on one chain so was thinking maybe initials and birthday on one. but now i dont know what to put on the second ?? !! :S can any one give me some ideas?

Answer by Aneres
“i love you -anonymous” or something like that

Answer by Matt
“My secret admirer is hot”

Answer by Heena Dahiya
Try these romantic and cute ideas on this valentines day on my blog http://fsquarefashion.com/2012/01/valentines-day-2012-cute-ideas-for-valentines-day-feb-14/

or send some free greetings n flowers



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does any have a coursework on blood brothers i could see about superstitions?

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Answer by Allen B

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is a powerful and gripping musical drama from Merseyside-born writer and composer William Martin Russell (Willy Russell). An original work, the play deals with the impact of social class on the lives of a single mother and her twin boys – Mickey and Eddie – in Liverpool during the 1960s and 1970s. For the audience it is an emotionally intense and sometimes gritty ride. It takes us both sides of the class fence, and ultimately brings home the futility of the class struggle.

From School Play to West End show

Willy Russell first wrote Blood Brothers for a school performance in 1981. In 1983, after adapting “Educating Rita” for the stage, he set about transforming the Blood Brothers school play into a musical. It opened at the Liverpool Playhouse in 1983 with rising star, Barbara Dickson, taking a lead role. Reviews were mixed and, after transferring to London’s West End for a short stint, it closed.

Then, in 1987, producer Bill Kenwright resurrected the Show. It toured the UK for a year under his adaptation of the work, before opening at the Albery Theatre (Noel Coward Theatre) in the West End during 1988. In 1991 Blood Brothers moved to its present day home – the Phoenix Theatre on Charing Cross Road. It is now up among the longest running musicals to grace the West End.

The story of Mickey, Eddie and Mrs Johnstone

Blood Brothers opens with a chilling scene. On a dark side street in Liverpool two motionless figures are stretchered out of sight to the haunting “Tell me it’s not true, say it’s just a story,” sung by a forlorn Mrs Johnstone. We are then taken back 25 years into the past – and the story unfolds as to how we came to this bewildering moment.

Mrs Johnstone is a poor single mother. She is pregnant and is already struggling to cope with the mass of children she has from a previous relationship. To put food on the table she takes a cleaning job for Mrs Lyons – a lady from the upper echelons of society. While working for Mrs Lyons, Mrs Johnstone discovers that she is expecting twins. She confides in Mrs Lyons, and tells her that she could just about cope with one more child, but two more would sink her.

The quick-thinking Mrs Lyons comes up with a solution. She suggests that Mrs Johnstone give her one of the twins to look after as a way to ease the financial burden. The superstitious Mrs Johnstone swears on the Bible to give Mrs Lyons one of the twins, and she duly does so when they are born – but wishes she had not agreed to the pact. Mrs Lyons makes Mrs Johnstone keep her end of the bargain by playing on her superstitions and telling her that the two boys must never know the truth, otherwise the twins will both drop dead.

The scene is now set. The two boys – Mickey and Eddie – grow up worlds apart, never knowing one another until a chance meeting between the two develops into a friendship. They make a pact to be blood brothers, neither being aware of their true identity.

But as their lives evolve their paths diverge even further. Eddie goes to Oxbridge and wins the affection of the girl Mickey had fallen in love with, while Mickey goes to prison.

The story climaxes when Mickey confronts Eddie with a gun. He laments about their different life paths, and that even though they are blood brothers, Eddie seems to have ended up with everything and Mickey nothing. In the final dramatic moments Mrs Johnstone reveals the truth to the two boys in an attempt to make Mickey put the gun down – it might work, but Mickey accidentally hits the trigger and shoots Eddie dead. The police then shoot Mickey — and Mrs Lyon’s prophecy rings true.

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Voluntary work at Christmas?

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Perhaps a nieve question but how does one go about working in a soup kitchen at Christmas? I am not religious but want to help people and every year i leave this too late, not this year tho!

Answer by Sal*UK
Talk to your local church or hospital – they will be able to point you in the right direction. Good for you – give a little back :)

Answer by Flying Fid
I tried to do this last year but could not. Some health and safety qualifications are wanted, along with a first aid certificate and/or a nursing degree. All I have is a willingness to help, but that was not enough. Grrr.

Answer by uncle stevie
NICE- one go for it and a early merry Christmas to you.

guys i need help with some fundraising idea?

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hey guys,
I need some help with some fund raising ideas. Myself and some other students from my sixth form our doing a project via world challenge (might have heard of it) where in 2012 we will be going to a school and community in Ghana. where we will be helping out by doing practical work like agriculture and painting/decorating classrooms as well as teaching some of the students there.
In order to do this; part of the project is to fund raise each of our individual places; £2,495
This amount goes towards our flights, food, travel etc and tools, books, paints for the school in ghana where we will be working.
I have some ideas of how I am going to fund raise the money. I have took up a local paper-round which will give me about £600 of it before i go, but, i need some ideas to raise the rest.
In sixth form we are doing group fund raisers like cake sales, boot sales, raffles; but, i need some substantial ideas that will hopefully produce the money i need.
thank you for all your ideas
much appreciated.

Answer by bertiemfc89
do a fun run of some sort in a cool costume, host a football tournament locally and advertise it saying what the money for entering/watching is for.

I’m sure if you do something like these you will get the money you need.


Answer by Nicholas
You can solicit to the politicians in your place. You can also organize some money making activities like fun run or raffle draw. You can also have a garage sale. Just try what is best in your local place.

Answer by Hampo14
Okay, I’d suggest you go to Rewarding Fundraising Ideas (RFI) to find loads of good ideas you could use. It’s a great website that has some excellent advice and tips on running those ideas profitably.

Remember though, that before you do any fundraiser it is going to take effort and motivation on your behalf to make it successful. No matter how great the fundraiser is, it won’t just provide success unless you put your mind and effort to it. You should also not try do too many fundraisers at once… Pick the ones that will work the best for you and then run those as well as you can!

Here are a few ideas you should look into when you are at Rewarding Fundraising Ideas…

-The Online Magazine Fundraiser – This is always the first fundraiser I suggest. It is one of the best and hassle-free fundraisers you can do! Many people and groups are raising between $ 2000 – $ 5000 with this fundraiser while I’ve seen others raise over $ 20,000. If you only have time to do one fundraiser… This should be the one you do!

-The Credit Card Fundraiser – Another really hassle-free fundraiser that will work really well alongside a magazine fundraiser! Get people to apply for a credit card online and you’ll earn $ 15 for every approved application.

–By promoting both of these fundraisers together you increase your likelyhood of getting a positive response… Someone may not want to apply for a credit card but they may be interested in the magazines, or vica versa, or maybe they’ll want to do both!

–Online Charity Auction – An online auction is one of the most profitable fundraisers that anyone could ever do. Unfortunately it will take a lot of work to get right… But if you have enough helping hands it’s definitely a worthwhile consideration!

-Get Paid Guides – Many people make money online by completing surveys, receiving and reviewing advertising emails, and also just by surfing the net. There are loads of companies on the net that are doing research and also trying to gain exposure and they all pay for it! A get paid guide is a single website that finds and lists all those websites that are offering paid surveys etc. There’s usually a once off membership fee but you can generally earn that fee back by doing a couple of surveys!

-Lollipop fundraiser – This is one of the easiest and profitable fundraisers around. Most people will generally buy a lollipop from you as they are really cheap. A lot of Schools and organizations are having great success with this simple fundraiser! (In fact, any food fundraiser, like Cookie Dough, Popcorn, or Candy Bars, will usually always work… People need and love food!)

-Discount Fundraiser Cards – Another winner! You raise money while saving money for your supporters through the discounts offered on the cards.Win-Win for both of you! And the businesses Win as well as they get more customers to their shops!!!

Raffles – A fundraiser that will always work really well. It is also the best fundraiser to add to any type of event. What you must make sure you have is some really great prizes that people actually want to win. That way they’ll want to buy as many tickets as possible, to have as big a chance to win!

Events – Generally any sports event will work well as people love getting involved in sport even if it’s not to raise money for a cause. Consider a Dodgeball compo or a mini soccer tournament! You could also consider doing a sponsored challenge like a cross country walk or a sponsored cycle.

Whether you do a sponsored challenge or not, you should start a facebook page to promote your challenge, your cause and your other fundraisers!

Set up a method for people to donate online (Check the Online Donations page on RFI to see how to do this) and then link to it via your facebook page. Then invite all your friends, family and contacts to join the page and take part by sponsoring you a small amount ($ 2 – $ 5; Compare it to something like a couple of cokes or a few beers. Something so small that they wouldn’t even miss it if they didn’t get it)! Write a emotive invitational letter that makes people feel like they are already involved. Make sure you convey the importance of the cause that you are embarking on. Also encourage them to forward the invitation on to all their contacts.

You should also advertise your other fundraisers, like your magazine fundraiser, on your Facebook pg! Try to also keep people interested in the page by updating it often and keeping people in the loop of how your fundraising is going etc.!

There are also quite a few other fundraisers at RFI that might work for you like the Bracelet Fundraiser, Candle Fundraisers, or the Cookie Dough Fundraiser, so look around and use the ones that will suite you best!

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Do you believe that Fate and Destiny is a Superstition?

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Answer by scheidemann2007
Yes. We are rational animals with free will.

Answer by Tom The Great

Answer by TeeHee
Absolutely. I believe in chance and opportunity–cause and effect.

What to get my boyfriend of 8 months for valentines day?

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Hes 16,im almost 16,and weve been.going out for eight months,what should i get him for valentines day?
I have hardly any money..dont suggest a picture of us both please:) x
*weekend ninja…i already have.
*weekend ninja…i already have.

Answer by Lawrence Panter
Card and maybe something sexual? ;)

Answer by weekend ninja
blow him because if you wont theres a raggedy bytch that will

edit:i was just kidding around that’s pretty bad your 16 and already sucking cock that makes you kind of a whore because you know when he leaves you hes just going to get the same from some one else and you ll always have cock breath when you kiss your new guy or grandma ya big nasty

Answer by Kayla
We are in the exact same boat except I’m almost 16 and my boyfriends almost 18 but I was thinking about getting a glass bottle and putting sand and seashells in it with a cute little love letter telling how glad I am to have him in my life (you know like the little message in a bottle old day sorta thing) & then some candy and cologne (:

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