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What do men benefit from a long distance relationship?

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My ex boyfriend- ( were in a long distance relationship) wants to work things out. In time I may have the opporunity to move to london where he resides..after my last semester of grad school.

This weekend he informed me that he misses me and wants to work things out. We have been broken up for about 2 months. I informed him that I started dating someone. This guy is very nice but to be honest Im not 100 percent over my ex…but right now I dont know where my ex is coming from, He was upset that I was dating someone else… but the reason we broke up because the fact he didnt know if he wanted to spend the holidays with him. Which hurt me greatly.

Now the holidays are over…he wants to do long distance again..it doesnt make since.

I ponder myself if there was someone else…but he and his sister ensure me there wasnt.

What to do?

To Men what can you really benefit from a long distance relationship??

Answer by Kathleen in Germany
Boys can have many long distance relationship and a girlfriend at home

Answer by Michael
You can sleep with other women while your girlfriend is far away and not on your back.. Unable to truly look into your actions.. Thats the biggest long distance benefit.

Is it okay to have BOTH Rogers Online Protection and Microsoft Security Essentials on the computer?

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Would having both these anti-malware programs running on the computer be harmful in any way? Would it slow down my computer/possibly cause it to crash?

Please explain your answers, thank you:)
If I SHOULDN’T have both these programs on the computer, then which in your experience/knowledge is the better choice?

Answer by mattyspurs76
Ive never heard of Rogers Online Protection, But microsoft security essentials is a good free package. I use it with Comodo Firewall and Malwarebytes Antimalware and my system seems fine.

Just need to use common sense aswell,i stay away from torrent sites as these are a major cause of pc headaches with hidden files ready and waiting to infect your pc once you have downloaded something from them.

Answer by Lindaj
You need to get rid of the Rodgers protection,the one you need is Microsoft essentials.Having two antiviruses running will slow your compter.

Answer by Miss Chloe
Never heard of Rogers. I have microsoft security essentials and i find it great, detects 98% of malware.

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website for showcasing arts and crafts plus shop?

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i went on this site a long while ago, it has a funny name, and is kind of like an instructional site and online shop for arts and crafts.

Any ideas??
I have looked on the net for it can’t find it. It has a funny name i seem to remember. People show what they have made and have a shop too. Its like an online community.

Answer by Elle
Could it be eCrafter.com? It is very similar to what you describe.

Answer by craftyliz
is it like ebay its not craftjumble is it,
another site it cud be topazcrafts which has a shop,forum and offers help etc,

Answer by ssi1111
I know one call funkychica.com. It also has a blog section. You can also post your DIYs.

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What are other vegetarians having for their Christmas meal?

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I am staying with my daughter over Christmas this year. She and her partner, and my husband are carnivores. My granddaughter and I are lacto vegetarians. When I am at home I normally have all the trimmings plus portobello mushrooms cooked in a garlic and wine sauce. However my granddaughter hates mushrooms and I don’t want to complicate the Christmas table with yet another vegetarian dish, so does anyone have any suggestions for something delicious that both she and I could enjoy alongside the usual Christmas fare.

Answer by ?
First of all, you’re not a carnivore. That implies you eat ONLY meat, and nothing else. You’re an omnivore. Secondly, I’m sure she has everything covered. You’ll survive without eating meat for one day.

Answer by Twitchy
Nut roast never fails to be a win for me (vegan).
My sister (vegitarian) has veggie sausages or quorn chicken pieces

Answer by fly on the wall
how about a dish with sietan it’s the other white meat. Hopefully where you live there is at least one whole foods supermarket or wegmans market or trader joes or a vegetarian restaurant where you can buy something frozen or even ready made. Does she make macaroni and cheese? I usually use it as an excuse to gorge myself on mac n cheese during the holidays…but thats bad so scratch that. Good Luck.

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Autism Teaching Tools: Early Learner Sneak Peek Pecs

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Why did other Nations adopt the Bibles teaching and combine it with their religion?

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However, when you read the Bible it makes no room for idols, images,
statutes, which includes crosses (started in Egypt), fish symbols, half moons and stars (Arab god worship to Hubal diety), measurment tools, or animals. Can someone match the scriptures with these points? Please no personal opinions. FACTS.

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Any good hair and make up artists on youtube?

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Im subscribed to a few hair and make up artists but they don’t really fit my style, can anyone recommend a youtube channel?

Answer by Sam
just type in hair and makeup and see whose vids have lots of likes and views :-)

Answer by ?S????i?.
i like queenbeauty, jeanisfreakncool, & andreaschoice.

Answer by Ashley N
AndreasChoice,Fashionista804 & beautybyjj. There all AMAZING!

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Family Day Event Photography Theme?

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I am working on a photography theme for our church Family Day. We are giving out disposable cameras and they theme will be on the invites and promo material. I need a really cool title though….I need suggestions. I was thinking “Picture Day” but that’s a little too lame.

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Where can i buy a home security camera, but look at the footage online?

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I need a home security camera, but i want to look at the footage online. I need a website which is secure (passwords etc.) and can be used anywhere in the world.

Answer by Robert T
Here is a good camera with surveillance via online and it can be used accessed from any internet point in the world. It costs under $ 100 ($ 99.99). Hope it helps and here is the link:

Answer by GameDay
panasonic has a top notch security system that can be viewed by your phone or laptop from anywhere in the world


there are many others available now. ADT security is also doing something similar

hope this helps

Answer by David Samhoun
go to techcctv.com or give them a call. They can help.

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How can I change my internet settings to allow a site to load?

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I can’t load a site and have been browsing for ages on how to change the settings. I’ve been to Tools>Internet Options>Security>Trusted Sites>Sites and typed in the url but it still will not load. I don’t want to put my laptop at serious harm but I really need to use this site. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chrome does not let the website work (its and adult website) and I don’t have any others (firefox, safari, opera etc.)
Chrome does not let the website work (its and adult website) and I don’t have any others (firefox, safari, opera etc.)

Answer by Rayvanb
Are you sure the site is still online? Hard to determine for us what the problem is, but maybe there’s something misconfigured in your Internet Explorer settings. You could try to install a different browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.

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