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madesafe reports reports that my antivirus is turned off, i,ve run it but nothings happening, how do i turn it on, simply plz, i,m new to this thanx.

Answer by ryan5439
Just dont download any viruses – if your firewall is on the ONLY way you can get a virus is if you download it and run it yourself.

Answer by mvgrocker
try reinstalling or get another antivirus from
and scan your system in case of any viruses.

You don’t stay what antivrus program you have. So try going to =start=programs and open all your programs and look for the name of your antivirus program.

Then you can right click on the program and open. It will turn your program back on. LIkewise you can also left click on your program an it will turn back on.

Ofcourse that is if you have not been hit with a trojan that has shut you antivirus system down.

If that is the case you should download their free Ad-Aware Personal Se and scan or download and scan, or and scan.

The first two are free. Ewido is not free but will become free if you don’t purcahse in thirty days. They just remove the guard in the tray and you don’t get auto updates every hour on the hour. You have to do a manual update. And that is no problem, plus the guard in the tray you don’t need.

Good luck.

Clinical Psychiatrist, France

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  1. oddball had this to say about the topic:

    There are viruses that will disable your AV programs. If you cannot turn it on by right clicking the Icon then go to this site and run the free online scan. Let it remove all that it finds.

  2. Gautam had this to say about the topic:

    Microsoft Windows Security Center Antivirus Partners

    You can help protect the data and applications on your computer by using antivirus software and keeping it current. Antivirus software is available from a variety of Microsoft partners, including those listed below.

    Important: If you have antivirus software installed but want to install a new product from a different company, be sure to uninstall your current product before installing the new one. Having two different antivirus programs installed can cause conflicts (problems) on your computer.


    Over the past, AhnLab has been IT-Security Leader in Korea. With the award-winning V3 and other security solutions, AhnLab offers secure and virus-free environments for both at home and at work. Let your home and work be worry-free with AhnLab’s total security solutions.


    eSafe from Aladdin Knowledge Systems is a comprehensive gateway-based family of anti-virus security products that protect against known as well as new and unknown viruses, worms, and malicious code. eSafe offers a proactive anti-virus engine that is ICSA and Checkmark-certified, a secure mail relay, and the ability to stop known virus exploit attacks before patches are in place. In addition, eSafe detects and blocks malicious VB/Java scripts, and offers transparent in-line POP3 inspection of emails.


    Authentium is a global provider of extensible, multi-vendor, on-demand security solutions to consumers, enterprise administrators, ISP network operators, software developers, and security appliance manufacturers. Authentium’s Command AntiVirus and Command AntiVirus SDK, has been helping protect multi-platform desktops since 1992 with award-winning (VB100, ICSA, Checkmark) certified antivirus products and services, utilizing three (virus signatures, heuristics, emulation) complimentary technologies and one of the industries largest collection of virus signature files..

    ALWIL Software

    Avast! antivirus is based on the comprehensive ALWIL Software scanning technology available since 1988. Featuring fast incremental updates and advanced multi-layer real-time protection of all infection vectors, it safeguards against virtually all kinds of malware. Avast! is offered in multiple editions, including the free Home Edition and the Network Edition designed for large corporate networks.


    30 Days Free evaluation and update for all AVIRA Products. AVIRA produces innovative security solutions providing flexibility and optimum usability to its international customers and partners. AVIRA products are designed to provide a complete security solution for worldwide home users, companies, educational institutions and ISP. AVIRA protects workstations and servers against malware and unwanted programs offering updates on a daily basis.

    Beijing Jiangmin New Sci.&Tec. Co. Ltd.

    Jiangmin is a leader in antivirus and content security software and services in China.

    BullGuard Ltd.

    Specialises in providing security solutions for home users and small businesses, emphasising ease-of-use and customer-care. The BullGuard security solution includes Anti-Virus, Firewall and Online Backup through a single user-interface, combining the latest technology with intuitive controls. BullGuard is also a global leader in Peer-2-Peer security, offering users the next generation of internet security.


    eTrust EZ Antivirus from CA is easy to install, use and update. eTrust EZ Antivirus protects against damaging virus incidents and prevents unintentional spreading of destructive viruses to family, friends, businesses, and other Internet users. Built specifically to meet the demanding requirements of today’s Internet-intensive desktop and home PC user, eTrust EZ Antivirus leverages CA’s enterprise-class Antivirus capabilities for the home user.

    Cat Computer Services (P) Ltd.

    Quick Heal antivirus provides proactive and reactive technologies which gives complete protection from viruses, Trojans, back doors, worms, macro viruses, and other malicious programs. Quick Heal prevents viruses infection from Internet downloads, e-mail attachments, networks, intranets, shared files. Easy to use with fully automatic updates.


    CHALLENGER INFORTEC is a leader in antivirus and content security software and services in China.

    Dr. Web

    Dr.Web Anti-virus maintains its highest security standards since 1994. Truly proactive since 1996, Dr.Web efficiently combines the signature-based detection methods with high-level heuristics and behaviour-analysing techniques to block any intrusion attempt whatever its source might be. Impressively (surprisingly?) compact and resource-sparing, Dr.Web detects and neutralizes viruses which never exist as files, conducting their destructive activity only in memory. Dr.Web’s anti-virus technologies are available in a variety of solutions targeting both SMB customers and nation-wide networks.


    Eset is a global security software solution company that provides next generation virus protection. Eset’s NOD32 antivirus assures maximum network performance, advanced heuristic detection, and free worldwide support. NOD32 provides enterprise customers with the highest ROI in the industry resulting from increased user compliance, decreased downtime, and higher productivity.

    Fortinet Technologies

    Fortinet’s FortiClient™ Host Security Software extends the security benefits of the award-winning FortiGate series of Antivirus Firewalls, winner of the Network Computing Magazine 2004 Security Product of the Year, from the network to remote PCs . FortiClient provides complete endpoint security: an IPSec VPN client, personal firewall and antivirus protection.

    FRISK Software International

    FRISK Software International is one of the leading companies in antivirus product development and research today. Its managed security services and products are aimed at offering comprehensive solutions for filtering viruses and spam. FRISK Software’s F-Prot Antivirus protects computer networks of any size, running on diverse platforms.

    F-Secure Corporation

    F-Secure Corporation protects individuals and businesses against computer viruses and other threats coming through the Internet or mobile networks. The company offers award-winning antivirus, desktop firewall with intrusion prevention and network encryption solutions. The company is headquartered in Finland, with sales offices and distribution channels around the globe.

    G DATA Software

    G DATA started developing anti-virus computer software in 1987 and the AntiVirusKit is now no. 2 in Germany. DoubleScan™ technology integrates two virus checkers for enhanced protection. Over two years the AntiVirusKit was top in tests and judged a “hot buy” or “very good” 33 times; more than any other anti-virus software.


    GFI provides email and downloads content checking and anti-virus solutions to safeguard mail servers and networks. GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP and GFI DownloadSecurity for ISA Server protect against viruses, email exploits and Trojans. Key features include multiple virus engines; email content and attachment checking; email exploit engine; defusing of HTML scripts; and a Trojan & executable scanner. GFI MailSecurity is deployed at the gateway or on Exchange Server. GFI DownloadSecurity adds on to ISA Server.

    GGreat International Corp.

    GGreat is a systematic security software developing company. GGreat ZlockAV devotes to the excellent technologies:
    1. Smart Detection: Detect known virus, and logic analyze unknown virus without updating to the latest definition.
    2. Self-Excluding-Virus: Auto clean viruses infection while detecting.
    3. Packet Scan: Detecting viruses from packets before the Gateway to reduce virus attacking.


    AVG Anti-Virus provides comprehensive antivirus protection for personal computers, networks, file servers and email servers. The combination of detection methods provides the maximum protection for your data while being easy on system resources. Grisoft provides a standard 2-year license period, which includes all updates, product upgrades and technical support.


    Hacksoft is the antivirus provider for Latin America. We offer our product in Spanish for every operativing system on the market. The Hacker Antivirus is built with state-of-the-art technology in order to detect every type of virus, backdoors, Trojans, worms, ad-ware, spy-ware, dialers. Automatic updates daily. Technical support 24h/365d.

    HAURI Inc.

    ViRobot Expert is a powerful desktop anti-virus solution which has received the Microsoft ‘Designed for Windows XP’ logo. ViRobot Expert was awarded VB 100% in June, 2003 from Virus Bulletin–this award is given to anti-virus solutions that are able to scan and repair all the known viruses in the wild. Capable of disinfecting unknown viruses and polymorphic viruses, ViRobot Expert is also designed to efficiently and effectively deal with very large viruses.

    H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH

    In 1988 H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH launched AntiVir – one of the first professional antivirus products. Today H+BEDV offers a wide range of security solutions for Individuals, small, mid-sized and large enterprises. Using Innovative technology such as heuristic detection, intrusion protection and centralized management Antivir products combine cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

    INCA Internet Co., Ltd.

    INCA Internet is a leader in internet security, antivirus and game security solutions in Korea.

    Kaspersky Labs

    Kaspersky Labs is an international software development company offering advanced products against viruses, hackers and spam for customers from home users to enterprise-wide networks. For 15 years, the company’s been fighting against computer viruses, and gained unique knowledge that’s led to becoming an acknowledged expert in development of external threats defenses.

    Kingsoft Corporation/Kingsoft Antivirus

    Kingsoft Corporation founded in 1988, it keeps the leading position in providing utility application software products and network services in China.

    McAfee Security

    McAfee Security offers consumer/home office, small/medium businesses, and corporate/enterprise users simple and cost-effective proven security solutions to protect Microsoft environments. These solutions protect from malicious known and unknown viruses, worms, and buffer overflows such as the recent Mydoom worm. The McAfee Protection-in-Depth Strategy delivers a complete set of system and network protection solutions differentiated by intrusion prevention technology that can proactively detect and block attackers protecting your Microsoft environment before damage occurs.

    MicroWorld Technologies, Inc.

    eScan from MicroWorld is a real time anti-virus and content security sofware suite, offering features like anti-spamming, Pop Up filter, Parental Control, Privacy Control. It offers the ease of installing and un-installing the product from a single management console. The Daily Automatic Internet Updates and 24 hours customer support keep the users safe from any casualties round the clock.


    MKS company was established in 1996. It is an entirely Polish company whose main areas of activity is manufacturing mks_vir antivirus program. The company’s personnel consists of experienced, highly qualified specialists. The aim of the company is to deliver its customers innovative and easy-to-use solutions.

    New Technology Wave Inc.

    New Technology Wave is a leading antivirus software and security solution provider in Korea.


    Norman is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of data security. With products for antivirus, personal firewall, anti-spam, spyware, encryption, data recovery, and certified data erasure, the company plays an important role in the data industry.

    Panda Software

    Panda Software, a world leader in virus and intrusion prevention, offers unrivalled proactive security solutions for all types of users, from the largest corporations through small and medium-sized companies to home users. Its corporate products offer hassle-free automatic and centralized administration and provide network-wide protection, via multi-layer security technology.

    Proland Software

    Protector Plus antivirus products are known for their efficiency and reliability. Protector Plus antivirus is available for Windows and Exchange Server platforms. Protector Plus detects and removes many types of malwares. Protector Plus antivirus software packages are updated on a continuous basis to ensure that virus entry points are protected with standardized virus database updates. The distribution of the virus database updates across the network can be automated.

    Rising Technology Corp. Ltd.

    Rising Technology is a leader in antivirus and content security software and services in China.

    Secure Resolutions Inc.

    Resolution Antivirus™ product is the most uniquely managed enterprise product on the market. FileServer, Desktop and e-mail protection included. Resolution Antivirus™ has the ability to manage, deploy, update, enforce security policies and provide complete protection within a real-time environment while reducing IT costs. 5 licenses for 30 days during evaluation.


    Founded in 1990, SOFTWIN is a leading provider of computer software and services. BitDefender™ provides security solutions to satisfy the protection requirements of today’s computing environment, delivering effective threat management for over 38 million home and corporate users in more than 100 countries.


    Sophos Anti-Virus was designed specifically for the corporate network and offers an easily updated, flexible business solution for managing the complexity of networks from small local area networks to large multi-server, multi-platform WANs. Updates are constantly available and technical support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is included in all licenses.


    Around the world, more users turn to Norton award-winning security products to keep their computers safe. Whether you want to block viruses and hackers, secure important information, filter spam email, or protect your family from Internet threats, Symantec provides you with best-of-breed, easy-to-use solutions. If you’re already using Norton products and need to get up to date or want to improve your current security protection visit us now and get started with proven solutions from the world’s leading Internet security company: Symantec.

    Trend Micro

    Trend Micro, Inc. is a global leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services, focused on outbreak prevention and threat impact management. Its award-winning desktop products, Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™ Corporate Edition and Trend Micro™ PC-cillin™ Internet Security, are fully compliant with Microsoft Windows Security framework and WMI standard.

    VirusBuster Ltd.

    VirusBuster Ltd. develops and distributes comprehensive antivirus, antispam and IT-security solutions for home and corporate users. VirusBuster products are based on the reliable and high-speed VirusBuster scan engine, which is a platform-independent modular solution, easy to integrate and contains many innovative techniques for the recognition of known and unknown viruses.

    Zero-Knowledge Systems Inc.

    Zero-Knowledge provides a comprehensive Freedom Security and Privacy Suite which includes an Anti-Virus, Firewall, Pop-up Blocker and other privacy features in a single, modular and easy-to-use software. Freedom installs in less than 5 minutes and proactively checks for updates automatically every time you connect to the Internet, and every 3 hours thereafter. Freedom is being used by millions of users worldwide.

    download any of these softwares from the given site ( below). this will turn on it.
    but some softwares slow down the computer.
    click on the softwares (to download them) in the site & do as the site says.

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