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What do I get my boyfriend for valentines day?

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This is my first valentines day with my boyfriend and have no idea what to get him. We’ve only been going out for just over a month and I’m worried about what’s too much or too little to give him. Any ideas?

Answer by Flower Child
Just search the other 87,000 this question has been asked here in the past month and read the answers those questions got.

Answer by Sophie
It depends what type of boy he is.

If he’s not romantic, don’t get him anything, because the chances are he won’t get you anything either.

If he’s the romantic type buy him his favorite chocolates.

If that’s a bit too romantic buy him a CD of his favorite band.

Answer by Missing Meaning
Is he big into valentines?? If so buy him some chocolates and a nice card. You could just cook him dinner though?? Like something simple.

What is your worst valentines day?

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This year im gona be alone on valentines day as my (now ex) bf slept with another girl and my best friend is going away.

Answer by Polly!
I will be your valentine!

Answer by Biker Crazy
there is still time to get out and about and who knows you may find someone attractive you could send a card to. You could meet someone new in 4 weeks dont let him know you are sad that he hurt you

Answer by GorGeous_Girl
awww thats not nice…. but dont worry just be happy you are single and dont have to get bogged down by all this shit of buying cards and presents…. valentines day is so commercialised it is unbelievable

anyway my worst one wasnt quite as bad as yours…. it has to be when i was 14, and i received a valentines day card through my door from a ‘secret admirer’, i was basking in joy all day waiting for a phone call or something, turns out my sister was playing a prank – little devil !!

tell you what i have spent many valentines day being single and partying anyway so hope you have fun, good riddance to your ass of a boyfriend you cheated on you…

What are the most common characteristics of the people who constantly fail in relationships?

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Be it marriages, partnerships, social life, friendships, some people just dont seem very good at relationships, what is your opinion?

Answer by beth :)
not very patient
jokey :)

Answer by Bill
They are unreliable, dishonest, untruthful and not trustworthy.
Also some people are discontented and unable to make a commitment.

Answer by Amanda B
inability to accurately predict others responses to one’s own behaviour.
selfishness. to use others for one’s own ends.
addiction, to substances or gambling or even shopping.

they’re the top three i’ve observed anyway.

Baby Sitting Agencies â?? Find the Best Baby Sitter Agency!

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Baby Sitting Agencies truly simplifies the way parents are finding and hiring today a family sitter. This service can help you find a sitter according to your specific needs and also conduct a sitter background check to make sure you are hiring the right person. Looking for efficient tips on how to find and use online sitter placement agencies? Read the following short article.

Working with an online service

Good and friendly Baby Sitting Agencies works in the following way â?? the access a nationwide online sitter network and can locate quality sitters that fit the needs of each and every family. This smart service uses the web in a very simple way to match between both sides that are looking for each other. Additional services and solutions are available that can really help in the hiring process – conducting a sitter background check and tips on the sitter interview process and the sitter hiring contact set up.

Why an online agency?

Finally when parents examine the benefits of using this online solution they can conclude the following:

(1) Excellent solution for parents that prefer to manage the searching process by them selves.

(2) Provides a full return on your investment comparing to other similar non web based services.

(3) Very simple and easy to use.

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These services are a highly effective solutions since they are easy to use, fun and cost effective. Using the services of Baby Sitting Agencies truly makes the lives of many families and sitters much easier. If we further explore this solution, we could easily find other benefits it can provide since it not only about finding a family sitter but also guiding and advising in many other important aspects of the relationship between both sides. If you are thinking of starting to look for a family helper, it’s advised to remember the above advices just before starting to use the services of an placement agency.

If you wish to learn more about using online Baby Sitting Agencies ,

visit: http://www.online-nanny.com

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Has English grammar changed noticeably since 1960?

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Some examples of what I was taught then, and what seems commonplace now:

1960: My husband and I …
2007: My husband and myself ….

1960: Jobseekers’ Allowance
2007: Jobseekers Allowance

1960: I dislike his calling me.
2007: I dislike him calling me.

1960: Has everyone brought his tools?
2007: Has everyone brought their tools?

Answer by bert
Did you just get unfrozen like Austin Powers?

Answer by jjjgreene1

Answer by ~Mustaffa~Laff~
possibly – you were taught wrong? I suppose I should say “taught incorrectly”

its just a thought……

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