What do you think of my photography skills?

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I’m 16 years old, and I love photography.
I know it’s very typical for my age, but I’ve been told that It’s not a waste of time for me and that I should definitely do it in the future.
What do you think? Link is below.



Answer by Angela
Not bad at all! I think you could improve by studying lots of different styles of photography, because, although you seem to have an eye for photography, your style is a bit ‘trendy,’ which can limit you in the future. You’re also a pretty good model! You might want to see if your friends or acquaintances can model for you more, just so you can open up your horizons a bit. :)

Answer by TheUltimateJedi
You’ve certaintly got a flair for the dramatic; and you’ve definitely got the potential. I say, you’re good. Just keep it up; your gift’ll make room for you =)

Answer by johnny610
very well. but next time you can find a better background. it will be better. up!

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  1. deep blue2 had this to say about the topic:

    An odd mixture – of samey teenage shots, but also some interesting creative ideas. Execution of those ideas is what let’s them down.

    This one;

    has the beginnings of an interesting ‘film noir’ style image, but the b/g is cluttered and a distraction, whereas the attention should be on you (the subject).

    You’ve got a decent DSLR but you’re shooting everything on Auto/matrix metered – which makes your camera nothing more than a big point & shoot.

    Learn about photography basics – exposure, lighting and composition and your creative ideas will then be better rendered in your images.

  2. Jukebox Moon had this to say about the topic:

    Hmm Not bad, but I agree broaden your horizons.

  3. Windswept F had this to say about the topic:

    I love photography too! your pics are ok, always try to take photos of something interesting and of something no one ever has done! go to shows, concerts, and historical places!

  4. Sam Anderson had this to say about the topic:

    not bad! if you would have bigger lance it would be looking more cool;)

  5. munki had this to say about the topic:

    You definitely have some talent there to work with, as others have said above maybe try to branch out a little bit more and have some variety to your work.

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