What does a boy like for valentines?

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Firstly my boyfriend is really soppy, like majorly and its so so cute. On valentines day it will be our 4 month anniversary and i want to do something really cute. I was thinking, putting candles everywhere in my room, put rose petals on my bed, have a bottle of Champagne with two glasses waiting on my bedside table and maybe a box of chocolates (personalised) lying on my bed.
Now does that sound okay or not?

Another thing, what present do i get him?
He’s not into Cd’s, DVDs or anything easy like that, ive already bought him clothing before and he only wears shirts,he hasn’t got a hobby so im really stuck?!? Help?!
No rude suggestions either!!:’)

Answer by Hannah
You can never go wrong with a teddy bear! As much as boys don’t want to admit it, they like something to cuddle with too! Best wishes

Answer by Olivia Isabella
You guys sound sweet. Your idea about the rose petals ect. sounds great and really thoughtful. How about making him something? Are you artistic? Maybe you could draw him a picture? Or perhaps you could print a photo of the two of you and frame it nicely. Maybe you could introduce him to a hobby you think he might enjoy seeing as he currently doesn’t have one. Get him a book on a subject he might enjoy. Or you could give him vouchers for something you guys could do together like going to see a band or you could cook him a meal?

Answer by Jack
I have a question like this on my account haha, right as a guy the idea you’ve come up with to me just sounds like your almost saying to him look lets have a quick drink and have a great time, which isn’t a problem! He may like that I don’t know but, on the present front aftershave? A pair or two of designer boxers?

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  1. Sam had this to say about the topic:

    Me and my boyfriend have been vuyung each other things we really want rather than lovey thibgs so i bought him enter shikari tickets.maybe you could buy him an experience so you have a new fun memory together

  2. A thousand years had this to say about the topic:

    Food and Dessert.

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